We already have a character building anti-bullying program. Why do we want another?  We don’t have time for more curriculums with all the academic pressures of Common Core, state mandates etc.  We are maxed out!

Force Field for Good is much more than a character building program and is not more busy work curriculum.  Rather, it can supplement any character program by linking social emotional learning to academic standards and literature study.  On the academic side it helps ground literacy skills in real life situations that resonate with children and create strong lifelong learning connections. Beyond these reasons, it’s just plain fun.


As Colleen says in her intro video, THIS IS NOT AN ADD ON,  but more of an enhancement to both community building and “big idea” academic learning. It  is also a stress reducer.

OK, but I have to tell you, there is no time for more stuff in our day. How can I fit this in?

The good news is that for as little time as 30 minutes a month you can create a kinder class that sings it’s way to deeper learning.  Kids love the songs and the support materials on the cd disk give you all the lessons you need to explore the helpful habits. You can use these materials in many ways and add some of your own.

How do I align this with the Common Core Standards?

You don’t have to.  We have done it for you. Each lesson component links to key anchor standards.  But more than that, Force Field for Good adds depth and meaning to academic study by linking texts to personal experience.  Each song is a micro text that can be paired with dozens of other texts to explore themes and central ideas throughout the year.   Common Core Pg 160

I am afraid parents won’t understand this and think I am trying to take over their job as moral teacher for their children.  Won’t this cause problems with some parents?

Actually, Force Field for Good has had he exact opposite effect in classrooms.  Because each song contains a home connection sheet and interview done by students with their parents, the effect has been to strengthen the bond between parent and teacher. Parents appreciate the interest their children take in their learning kindness and any confusion can be addressed better when you have an ongoing relationship with parents. The monthly home connection sheets create a wonderful link between parent and home.


Can I use this with low performing high school kids?

Because these songs tackle big issues like bullying, word choice and self reflection, they could be used at any grade level in combination with age appropriate literature.  Just as high school teachers use picture books to introduce major themes, the same could be done with a song like Know Your Higher Self.   Questions  like, “Where does Hamlet use his higher self?’ can help students dig beneath the surface and find larger themes.

I am not musical. Do you expect me to sing with my students?

No singing necessary.  All the songs are on the cd along with sing along videos. Go to singalong page.