School Visits

Barry travels to schools nationwide combining his writing workshops with Force Field for Good assemblies, grades k-8.  Contact him at [email protected] or call 1-802-345-9193. Email  [email protected]. For prices and details go to the assembly pricing link.


Principal Catherine Taormina discusses the song Know Your Higher Self and how it helps her to create a culture of kindness.

“Barry brought a joyous, positive energy to our school all day, which inspired students to expand and grow in their reading and writing skills as well as who they are as a human being, while also simultaneously reminding our teaching staff why they wanted to teach in the first place…to share the joy of learning while positively impacting our future as a society. It was a highlight of our year!” – Monique Singleton, Principal, Scholls Heights Elementary, Beaverton, OR

Colleen Mestdagh, is the co-creator of curriculum to go with  Barry’s songs. In her dynamic training she will tell you how she abandoned all the school rules and replaced them with one rule : Be Your Higher Self. Her inspiring training will show you how to dig deep with your students for gems of wisdom whilst hitting all the state standards for 21st century learning.

Contact her at [email protected]