set up for the day

The Schedule: Barry’s school visits take different shapes based on the needs of the school, space available and the grade levels. The best assemblies limit the number to 300.  Barry will do up to three 45 minute assemblies a day. Please leave at least  a 20 minute gap between performances.

Technical Needs: Barry brings his own mic, computer, P.A., and guitar.  Please run and extension cord and power strip to where Barry will be presenting.

The Shape of the Seating and Space: The best seating  for assemblies is often just children sitting on the floor. This creates less space between the audience and Barry. Some schools use orange traffic cones to divide the room by grade levels.  In big spaces, like gyms and cafeteria, Barry prefers the students be arranged packed tightly together, rather than spread out laterally. It is hard to connect with an audience when they are spread too far and wide.

Grade Level Thoughts: Though Force Field for Good is designed for K-5 students Barry often works in K-8 rural schools and has found middle school students to respond well to the songs. When working with the upper grade levels, Barry connects his songs, to personal stories, writing lessons, and young adult literature.

A Banner Gift for Each School

Each school receives a 3×3 ft durable vinyl banner so that students will have a constant reminder of the visit and the lessons taught. The banner is grommeted and easy to hang in a prominent place. This is your own Force Field for Good flag.  Each school can also purchase books and cds at a discount on the day of the assembly.

A Kindness Card for Every Student at the School

Each student in the school gets their own kindness card to sign and keep as a reminder to practice kindness each day.

a CD and a teacher lesson book for each School

Teaching Kindness through Song and literature

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